sunday yellows {hoping for sunshine}

It's my birthday today.
Sam's too. 
We share a birthday, not a birth year, but the day. 

Today we are meeting family at the market. We're planning a walk around - Brisbane just simply doesn't have markets as good as this. Sorry, but it's true. I totally miss all these markets from my childhood. 
Uki, Channon, Bangalow + Byron - each once a month. Each fantastically amazing {in my memory at least; I'll give you a report on how reality stacks up to memory}.
We'll give the kids some pocket money to buy what they like. That's what my mum + dad always did. And we took so long to choose and decide and look look look, and ummm and ahhhh. Ari found a $20 note out in the street a few weeks back, so he has that as well.

And then, weather permitting, the boys will go skateboarding and we'll have a meander along the shoreline, with the two girl cousins - who will have so much fun playing together.
And yes a birthday picnic. 
What a glorious day we have planned. Even if it doesn't go to plan, it will be spent with loved and cherished ones and will be glorious anyway.