Sewing Circle

Don't we all love being part of something. Something new and warm and with so much possibility. 
After hearing from Hazelnuts about My Sewing Circle I decided to join up. A few initial glitches (new site and that sort of thing) and I got my login. And now I'm part of the Circle. 
A virtual Sewing Circle is such a wonderful idea. I think it's aiming to be like Ravelry, but for sewers. I hear so much about Ravelry from the knitters whose blogs I read. And it makes me want to learn to knit, if only to be part of that fantastic community. 
Anyway, go and have a look. There are already a growing number of members, and lovely projects and you can collect fabrics in your stash. The site is constantly improving. Run by a crafty wife and computery husband, they are always there adding and updating. 
I've already added two projects. And look at that, some friends. How comforting and welcoming. Drop on by to our Sewing Circle, sit down have a chat and do share your latest project.
** You may notice the name of the pleated clutch in the above pic. It's currently a working name (in my mind, I'm tumbling it about to see how it feels). Thanks Roz for the suggestion.. I'll announce the clutch winner later this week. Do please still keep giving me your suggestions, as I'm a fairly changable person and may have gone through five different names before the week is out!