new home ~ BlueCaravan

I'm so pleased to say I have a new home in a beautifully designed BlueCaravan!

{Of course I can't resist using this sweet photo, again - but this isn't at all what I mean}.

I'd like to Welcome you to BlueCaravan [ethical] design. A new online shopping haven of contemporary, handmade and ethical products. 
All the designers have been handpicked by Jen, the Caravan Camp Hostess, not only because of their ethical production but mainly because of the quality of the design. Jen realises that being a sustainable, thoughtful, environmental, 'eco' product doesn't necessarily mean a product is high quality or design. So, while everything on the site passes her production criteria {locally made, organic, Fair Trade, recycled, handmade}, all designers are picked because of their designer quality. 
As Jen sums up on her blog ::

We expect few people to visit us for a token ‘ethical’ guilt purchase. That’s not what we are about.  Bluecaravan promotes all things  interesting & lovely, edgy & urban, quirky & cute – all wrapped up in a warm glow!
We aim to create a venue for people to buy the things they love, and to feel good about what they buy.

At the moment there are a few hiccups and last minute things being repaired, but that beauty is happily motoring down the road to the next Gypsy Campsite! {Shopping Cart is still to be added, so in the mean time keep visiting my other sites - Etsy and Big Cartel, where I promise there will be some new work added later during the week}.