tree change :: dreams

I'm looking at real estate. Again!
I think it's something us women do - based on my 'research', it's a woman thing!
Needless to say that these are pretty much mostly out of our budget.
This one is as close to my dream house as I can ever imagine finding already built. Of course I'm going to have to design and build my dream house, as it's so specific. But this one really does come quite close. Sam agrees too. I mean imagine having a bath in that bathroom. Or lying on that large lovely cane lounge and dreaming away a beautiful afternoon. Or sharing tea on the verandah with your dearest friends and family - who would visit you often in a house as comfortable and inviting as this one. This is what I'd buy tomorrow if I won the lotto, or found a few spare bits of cash lying in the gutter!

This one isn't so much my dream home, and to be honest, I probably wouldn't want to spend the money (if I had it!) on living here. But I do really like some aspects of it. And I'm good at ignoring the bits I don't like, and focusing on the parts I do. Like that view. Or the library reading room. And the fact it looks like a timber castle, full of Persian rugs.
And this one, well, this one is so totally out of the budget it's just simply silly to even bother looking at it. Imagine coming home to that view and the swimming pool - is this a resort or a home. You'd never get rid of your friends living in a place like this, would you? I wonder if you could bill them at $1000 a night!

I'd love to see what your dream home looks like.