toast in the post

{ok, sorry for the silly heading.}

Yesterday these beautiful catalogues arrived in the post. Can you believe that they send these out for free. These are so beautiful, the styling, the colours, the paper (FSC paper stock), the photographs of vast landscapes.

And, oh yes, the things in there.
I've found my dream dream dream dressing gown. But, by golly, at that price* I'd have to wear it every single day. So, it's staying on the dream list.

Silk velvet in cerise.
{oh, I love cerise. The word, the way it rolls around. The colour itself. I once had a skirt that I dyed cerise. A teeny little box pleat skirt. It was grey before I dyed it. And then went the most amazing deep cerise.}
Imagine wearing this dressing gown with these velvet lined slippers. Oh, one would never leave the palace would one.

I could easily show you every photo in each catalogue. But, you can view them all online here.

*165UK pounds (I can't find the little symbol on my computer...) equates to about $297 AU, then add in postage.