words from the wise*

we went, again, to Mt Cootha yesterday. met some friends there. splashed in the trickling water in the Japanese Gardens. that's what city kids have - me, i grew up in the forest, where we had proper creeks to splash in.

we were pushing the pram across the grass. i said it sounded like the ocean. Ari said it sounded like walking on clouds. i liked his thoughts, and realised the grass sounded exactly like what i could imagine cloud-walking to sound like.

when the kids took their shoes off, and wanted to walk all around on the slippery rocks in the water fall, i was the ever-cautious mother. 'be careful, don't fall, don't get our pants wet.' Ari, with his pants hoiked up, yet still soaking wet, looked at me and in all seriousness said 'mum, you have to take more risks'. i laughed, and said yes, get wet Ari, it's only water. and if he falls down, he'll learn, won't he.

so - risk taking. yes. more of that necessary.

i feel like Selvedge House is that, could be that. a risk. risks are calculated events, not silly jumps.

There's colours and shapes and lines and images to be inspired by, all through the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens. A beautiful time to visit. If you live in or near Brisbane, do head out there. My kids have been loving the kids trail treasure hunt - we're tying to remind them that the treasure is not a box of gold at the end, but the exploring and discovering and finding and looking and seeing new things - life, hey.....

*in this situation, the wise are the children. we all know sometimes their perspective on life gives them immense amounts of wisdom that we need to listen to, and take notice of. sometimes they make no sense at all, and talk a load of babble.