pif update

Hi all,

it's been a bit longer than i had planned, but here's the list who will receive a little something something from me some time in the next........ Let's plan for before Christmas, hey.
i've decided that i want to give something to all of you, for being lovely readers, and blog friends, and for commenting for the first time ever, for some of you. oooooohhh, i so love blogging friends.

so, if you could each send me your address details (ellieabeck AT hotmail DOT com), with a little bit about what your favourite colours are, and even what you've liked most that you've seen me make over the past little while {i think it best that you really really like what you get, so would like to make it as suitable as possible}.


random images, just because. the beautiful silky oak right at our verandah - golden with the glorious spring blue sky behind. and a little wall (corner) or my room.