{pay it forward}

there's a whole lot of abbreviations that you need to learn when you become a crafter.
wip = work in progress; which is basically what you're currently working on, or have on the making pile
ufo = un-finished object; something that just sort of got abandoned along the way - numerous reasons that we won't go into, as to why a project could just get 'abandoned'. {poor little things - those baskets full of ufos across the globe}
pif = pay it forward; when someone gives you a beautiful gift, just because and you pass on the gifting love to someone else, just because.

{okay, okay - at the moment I can only think of these three things for this massive long list of abbreviations. I know there are more - my brains been focussing on paperwork and such stuff today. And park playing - eating cake and popcorn. And reading our new kids full colour illustrated version of Tashi - planning on going to see the play next week at the Powerhouse, with the kids.
If you have any other abbreviations you can share with us, please ease my brain.}

Anyway, back to the PIF. Quite a while ago I signed up for a pay it forward from the sweet Dear Fii. She gave me my lovely little package in, ummmm, ohhhh, errrrr back in May sometime. It's taken me this long to remember to put up my carry on version of it.
The rules go something like this:
~ I will post a gift out to three people who leave a comment on this blog {shall we say the first three, or do you want a random number pick thing - shall we see how many put their hands up.}
~ I have 12 months to post it to you {though will endeavour to get it done in less than 1/4 of that time}
~ I can send anything {but really, I will send something that is beautifully handcrafted by me, and I can only hope that you will love. By reading my blog, you have a basic idea of what sort of things I make, so I can assume you'll like it...}.
~ You too must promise to pass on the Pay It Forward. {it's all about passing the thought, care, love, hand crafted-ness onto someone else, but if you don't handcraft yourself, you can buy and then send another handcrafted item}.
~ You can live across the globe, or across the ocean, or across the street {I'll post it anywhere that a post(wo)man can deliver to; or maybe a camel or pigeon}.

I'm going to leave this open for at least a week.

*Photos are from our walk and park visit today. Two were taken by Ari, can you guess which ones?