introducing Selvedge House

I've alluded to this for quite a while now, little mentions here and there. A few of you have already guessed. So, here's the big news.
I'm opening a shop! yah.
It's modern day crafting, fabric and screen printing.
We'll have screen printing workshops, and sewing classes. People who have never used a sewing machine can come along and learn how to make something. People can come along and screen print their own designs onto beautiful organic cottons, hemps and linens. Then they can sew it up in our stitch classes.
And our fabric shop will be stocked with delicious hand printed textiles. We have some of the most talented designers right here in Australia, who are hand printing with skill, dedication and love. And crafty books that are pure inspiration.
Of course, we'll still be doing Red Seed. That's a big part of this; being able to have the space for a proper printing table, and have a dedicated studio for designing and working and dreaming and creating.
So, please pop on over to the Selvedge House blog, have a little look around and follow us on our journey. We are still looking for our shop location, so in the meantime we're having market stalls filled with glorious fabric and patterns and little hand crafted pieces.
I'll still be here, blogging about bits and pieces and things and life in general.
I'd love to hear your thoughts and words of advice, either here or over there.