not stupid

Photos from our glamorous movie premiere in Sydney.
Look at us three women. don't we look very sophisticated and grown up and all that - i actually don't think that we are; just good at pretending.Kelley, Sylve and me (hailing a taxi - i know what i'm doing, don't i!)Kelley, Sylve and me - on the green carpet at the launch of Age of Stupid. It's a really excellent movie - do go out and see it. A story about climate change, told from the future - with wonderful little views into everyday-people's lives from today. And some just terrible quotes from people, who think they care about the environment yet they don't want a wind farm in their back yard because it'll ruin the view!
The US premiere will be 21st and 22nd Sept. It will be screened all across the States, via live satellite. This is a movie with no advertising budget what-so-ever, yet a strong and important direct message that needs to be seen. Check where your local screening is.
Let me tell you that she, my sister, looked this gorgeous every day of our holiday, regardless of if she was in jeans and boots or her dress-up outfit.Ben and Kelley in their vintage and op-shopped green carpet outfits. Beautiful couple.