in my hands :: reworking :: remaking :: remembering

Market prep work today. Kids were at Sylv's. After pancake breakfast (yes, third day in a row - no bread in the house*).
Sam went downstairs to his little room, and measured and cut and then sanded. He kept running back upstairs to show me the newest piece. Each one beautiful and unique and fun. I'll show you tomorrow the buttons and little pieces he's been making. All from used skateboards. They have such colours and graphics.
He's been using a big sanding machine, of my dad's. It sounded like there was a steam train downstairs!And me, upstairs. I've been slowly unpicking some special treasures that some dear dear friends sent to us a little while ago, from Japan. Thank you Dan + Aya. We treasure your friendship so dearly.The kimonos and obis are sewn with care and tenderness. I've been thinking about who sewed them; those tiny, invisible and accurate stitches. And who wore them; the stains along the bottom as it dragged on the ground; the extra piece patched in that was possibly from another family heirloom. And thinking about where they will go once I unpick and then resew them into new pieces. For other people to take home. To add their memories and stories to the material.
So. That's what we've been doing today. Taking apart and reworking pieces of life, of memories, of thoughts, of feelings, of adventures.
Sam with those skateboards that have been ridden** and jumped and snapped (with excitement and joy and sometimes fear).
Me with the fabric and material of everyday cottons or special day silks.

Please do come and visit us at the BrisStyle market, if you live round these parts. Otherwise, I'll be sure to have some photos here, or flickr or even on our website soon.

*I am sad, sorry, embarrassed to say that I have not made any bread this whole entire year. I could be a bit wrong, but I really do think that it's been all this calendar year that we have not kneaded or risen any bread in this house. I guess I should make one last loaf before we move out.
**Some were ridden by him, some by other skaters that he knows.