i forgot to say :: market

I forgot to mention that we'll be having a stall at the upcoming BrisStyle market.
I only just signed up today, so am a bit behind with preparations. Luckily we have a little bit of stock already screen printed and sewn, but I'm working on some new pieces that I've been planning for a while.

I'd like your help, on narrowing down what I should spend my next two weeks making (keep in mind that two weeks actually only equals about 2 - 3 days of sewing, plus maybe 1 for screen printing; if we're lucky. Life, you know, sort gets in the way).
So - what things would you like to see, and buy, from your local hand crafted market? What makes you pick something up, and better yet, what makes you take something home? I'd love some ideas on what you think I could / should make to add to our Red Seed Studio collection - what would you love to see made from our fabric.
In exchange for your ideas and thoughts and help, I'll do a draw from all the comments for a little something (shall we see what I end up making before we say what the prize may be; but I'm sure you'd like it).
I'm open to new ideas, and challenges, and keen to push myself to make some new patterns and products. So - come on you crafty peeps speak out and tell me your thoughts.

*First image is: a selection of inspiration from flickr market stalls and products. Click on image to see all photo credits.