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Just a few photos of some of our newly printed fabrics.
Getting everything ready for the Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show. Won't you come along and say hello to us there.
Ari had to have his hand in the photo - he wiggled them into place, until he said they were exactly how he wanted them, and then I could take the photo. Of course, I love that one best. of course.We have been doing a lot of experimenting with the colours. Mixing them on the screen, which means that each print comes out slightly different - which I totally love. It makes me feel more like the artist (that I think I am), rather than a designer or screen printer (not that either of those things are so terribly terrible - just not how I think of myself. I do so like being an artist).We'll get some more photos before the show. Well, we'll endeavour to - but really we'll be spending a lot more time printing and heat setting and packaging and then planning our stand details and all the rest.
The glorious blue isn't showing itself off very well in these photos - it looks so crisp and bright in real. (stupid computer screens, and phototaking and all that sort of thing; tricks of the eye).Don't you just love pink and red together - I think they are fantastic, and often very much under used. We printed t-shirts for the kids, with our little birdy print in a fantastic bright red. Ari took this photo, in his little photo shoot afternoon (which included pictures of Playschool, on tv, and the ironing board, and very close-ups of some books and the wall and that sort of thing).