wow + winner

Well, hello EVERYONE!
A big big thank you for all of those wonderful emails pouring into my inbox over the past five days. So so exciting to keep getting new messages. Having this many visitors is very new to me. I know that you most of you came over for the giveaway, but I hope that some of you come back again for the photos and the words and the crafting.
I now have many new blogs that I am still trying to get to. So many wonderful new friends and inspiration out there. That's the best giveaway! (I didn't get a chance to visit many Sew Mama Sew blogs, to enter any giveaways. But my sister won this cute little outfit, from a now new favourite Aussie blog And so, I Sew. Maybe she'll decide to give it to Mishi.... hint hint).
So, without further ado - I present the winner. Chosen in some rather random number guessing game; I got everyone in my family to say a number, then I added and divided and presto. An average of all their numbers.

The winner is:
Sonia who wrote:
Hi ! I'm very new to your blog & am happy to have found it through this giveaway event ! :) I'll bookmark you & will be back. I'd love to enter your giveaway if possible. :) You are very generous to offer such a great giveaway. What to say ? Mmm ... I'm off to have a coffee with my mom, who'd been visiting us for a week & who'll leave tomorrow. We are 700km away from each other & I'm going to enjoy her until she'll leave. It's raining outside & cozy inside, with the Christmas lights on. :) Have a great day ! Thanks again !

I already love her blog, I mean little glimpses into her Advent calendar and pictures (memories) like this and this.

While I'm talking about giveaways, I'd like to send you over to this lovely blog. Nina has been doing giveaways for a few weeks now, though she plans (I think) on at least a few more until Christmas. I was the lucky lucky winner of her first giveaway of a circle purse. I love her designs, these kids tees are so so sweet. I know two little ones who would treasure something like this. (I'm just trying to decide who would want what best, but I think these will be under our tree this year.) Women's shirts Nina?

And because I think a post without images isn't so pretty, here is the little flyer card that Sam designed for our market stall. We had so many customers, that we ran out - even though we printed more than 100! I'll be back later (today, tomorrow?) with a market wrap-up.