moons and thread ~ stitchwork diary


I’ve been listening to an album called 12 Moons, by Jan Gabarek Group. It’s mostly instrumental with some vocals (in a language I don’t know, which makes it sound like an instrument rather than words). 

And now I’m stitching moons. Small squares (ish) of indigo dyed linen and whatever bits of thread I have left.  

I’m almost out of my usual stitching thread, and my supplier is on holiday for 2 more weeks. So I am being resourceful and using thread pulled from the warp of other fabric pieces. 

Which I am liking a lot. Using the same thread as the threads the fabric is woven from. Creates a subtle beautiful look. Perhaps I will do it more. A good way to use long scraps that aren’t suitable for using as pieces in their own self - ie: too marked or stained. (The inside moon-shaped stitching on the piece below is the same-self thread and the running stitch is my usual thread that I use; which is a cotton/silk mix).

New Year is upon us > I am pondering the things that I want to be more intentional about for the coming year, while also honouring the previous year which allowed and gave me some very growth-moments.

I am not writing resolutions or such, I feel like it’s simply a continuation. Each day, each moment indeed, is simply a chance to be here and now, and appreciate what I have and where I am. 

Having said that - I do plan on doing more writing this year, and stitching. And gardening. And spending more time with my kids & my loved ones.