dewdrops - disconnection and connecting

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 3.14.04 pm.png

A few things lately ❄️✨ I’m feeling a little disconnected somehow from being here. I know it’s me, and I know it’s because I want more - more depth than these squares allow. These are the beginning glimpse, but actually I want to delve further. I feel like sometimes in this space we’re standing outside talking and it’s very lovely - we’re chatting. But I want to go inside and know more, hear more, see more, feel more. I want to be in the heart of your home and I want you to be in the heart of my home. Sometimes I feel like we look at each other’s hearts through this space ..... but are we really really hearing them, and listening. Maybe occasionally.⠀
And then I realised; we’re all like these dew drops. Individual, formed alone, sitting here waiting .... and one little slip, one movement and we can join together - we form into a bigger essence when we join up. Our sparkles can connect.⠀
I am trying to find ways to be here more meaningfully, mindfully. I want to talk with you, not to you. But it’s getting harder - don’t you think? I mean are you even here ??? ❄️✨⠀
Anyway — just some thoughts and this photo that I love so much, and feel so proud that I snapped it. It’s available here for sale, if you happen to love it too.

*I wrote this on my Instagram last year… but it keeps coming back. Feeling the ebb & flow of connections, disconnections, and the way we’re all dewdrops waiting to join together.