watching the light

IMG_9230IMG_0212 The change of season has shifted in, it was ever so slight, barely perceptible at first. But I see it now, feel it. Autumn is here and I know that Winter won't be too far away - while Summer takes her time to go, leaving us with extra hot days, more than we want; Winter quickly fills our forest home with cool mornings, early evenings, and foggy windows.

The light has changed, and the shifty shadows leaking throughs the trees are different - the slants softer, shorter, briefer than on our Summer days. We wait for the sun to come up, to shine through those trees perched upon the hill. The trees that every Winter we say we need to remove to give us more sunshine. Living in a forest home is beautiful, but it shortens our days, our sunlight hours. (Those trees are all big camphor laurels, which is terrible weeds around our area - so removing them isn't a bad thing).


I know soon we'll have our fire going all day long, we'll drag ourselves out of bed and cluster around the warmth of the wood-buring fireplace. We'll chase the sun all day long, following it in patches across our yard. But for now, before Winter well and truly settles down, I'm enjoying these glorious Autumn days. Enough warmth during the day - windows and doors wide open, but those stinking hot days are (hopefully) gone for now.

The subtle shift of the trees changing - the leaves, those goldens, oranges, reds tinging the green. It's a little bit magical. And the light in my home ……. it sorta makes me smile seeing it all.

So - here I am embracing each season as it comes. Seeing the beauty, noticing the small moments around me.

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