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what does mother guilt feel like?

I don't 'do' guilt, I've never been interested in taking it on, and have spent a fair bit of my adult life trying to do away with it. Trying to breathe through any family guilt pushed upon me (some members of my extended family are quite good at the guilt trip - I'm not interested in carrying that on or being part of it). I think guilt is a horrible waste of time, emotion, energy and all the rest.

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8 tips for creative mamas to find your voice in the family noise

Doing what I do - being an artist, an indie business owner & a mama to 3 noisy kids - is big, hard, mentally exhausting work. I know I talk about slow living a lot, and I do live it in my everyday life. But the reality is you need some tricks to get through being in the noise of mamahood and finding your way to being the artist. Don't you think?

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