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5 tips for finding your creativity within the busyness of life

Are you waiting for the day when life will be a little quieter, a little less rushed, a little slower? Sadly it seems this day often only appears when we hit a wall, and our health declines due to overwhelm, anxiety, stress and a much too-long to-do list. Instead, we can create change in our lives through intentionally choosing how we spend our time, what we say yes to, and what we decide to focus on.

Here are five simple ideas that you can begin this week, to actively choose to create slow and find creativity in your days.

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An ode to Autumn - an essay on mindfulness & being in the season you are in

Across my garden I see the shifts in the season. The small persimmon tree is the first to colour, then loose it’s leaves, followed slowly slowly by the large persimmon tree, that always seems weeks behind in it’s colour stories. I love this, the way that in our garden the change in season from the heights of Summer to the glow of Autumn is an evolving wave of colour-shift. Then to Winter’s quiet bare branches.

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Slow Your Life with Craft :: Choose & Edit

How to fit creativity into the everyday busy of life can be a big challenge for all of us. It doesn't matter if you're a parent of 6, or 1, or have no kids at all. Life can be full, hectic, non-stop. Just regular living - cooking, cleaning, buying food, paying bills, going to work, sitting in traffic.... all those things seem to fill our days before we even get to think about spending time with family and friends, before we can even consider adding in our own creative making time.

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moons and thread ~ stitchwork diary

I’ve been listening to an album called 12 Moons, by Jan Gabarek Group. It’s mostly instrumental with some vocals (in a language I don’t know, which makes it sound like an instrument rather than words). 

And now I’m stitching moons. Small squares (ish) of indigo dyed linen and whatever bits of thread I have left.  

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