Crochet string bag - how to make your own : perfect for plastic-free living

Crochet String Bag make your own - pattern by Ellie Beck Petalplum

Crochet string bags are perfect little additions to a simple living home - useful for taking to the farmers market, when visiting the library, carrying kids extra everythings about, finding scrunched at the bottom of your handbag when you get a few extra supplies at the supermarket. Simply put - they're sorta useful for a whole lot of things. Throw one over your shoulders full of Summer's beach supplies; carry wet towels and swimmers home, while the sand falls out the bottom of the bag on your walk back home. Load it up with fruit from your own trees, or while borrowing some from that roadside tree that everyone's been spying.

Whatever needs you'll find for your string bag - I've made a pattern so you can crochet your very own bag. I'll admit this will probably be more expensive and take longer than buying one of those $5 crochet string bags I've seen around, BUT here's the thing -- once you start making things and noticing the cost of it, you start to appreciate things in a whole new way. I'm not sure how we can expect to pay only $5 for a crochet bag, unless someone somewhere is loosing out. Would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below or on my Instagram picture.

For the month of July I'm offering the String Bag pattern for FREE, as part of Plastic Free July and the #choosetorefuse movement. I'd love to see if you make one using my pattern. Please @ tag me on Instagram @petalplum, and use the #petalplummakers. You can use any crochet cotton that you have at home, or even check out the op-shops as I often find great bits in the craft section.

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