Craftivism ~ Activism + Craft : the black-throated Finch

The sad news is in that the Queensland government has approved Adani’s plan to move the endangered black-throated finch, from the location of the area they want to dig the Charmichael coal mine, to a new site. Months of bullying the government, and they seem to have almost got what they wanted.

This region is the best environment for the last remaining 1000 of these species, and moving them to a new “conservation area” is a farce, that could drive them to extinction.

It should be our responsibility to do what it takes to protect every species on our planet, not act with greed and power - uncaring about 1000 little birds.

Here’s some info to read and clips to watch:
Adani’s shameful impact on our beautiful black-throated finch - youtube.
Black throated finch profile
how to send a finch extinct
’conservation area’ on proposed Clive Palmer mine (yes… the truth of that is outrageous)
and Adani’s laughable management plan

I saw this post on Instagram this morning, and it was exactly what I needed to see. The thing that I’ve been waiting for to step into this craftism that I’m feeling building in me. No more of the quietness of crafting, I need to use my hands and my art to speak my feelings, emotions, anger. To show those in power that us little quiet crafters have something to say.

You can join Charlotte’s Black Finch Project here, to find out more and stay in the loop.

I love the idea of sending 1000 ‘art finches’ to make a point. And so, today I’m starting making my own finch. A soft fabric alive finch. I’ve pondered about sending dead finches (paintings, drawings, crafted, etc), and have come to the personal conclusion that the positivity of the alive (crafted) birds is more important (to me) than the shock value of the dead (crafted) birds.

But I feel like it doesn’t matter - if we can gather together over 1000 birds and send them to the offices of Adani and the Queensland government, to remind them about the quiet beauty of these endangered birds - then maybe somewhere inside of them… things might change.

Stitch by stitch I hope I can work towards creating change, mending a world where I feel proud to tell my children and grandchildren that I didn’t sit by and wonder what I could do in my own quiet political way.

What’s your favourite fabric bird pattern or tutorial - I’d love to share some here. I will probably simply draw a bird shape, and create an under-body and wings. It needn’t be extravagant at all - a simply stitched bird of some sort. The idea is a mass of birds, rather than needing each one to be it’s own amazing.

What I’m saying is … just begin and create a bird how you can, without being caught up in it needing to be perfect. This is about making our voices loud as a group, not about making amazing artwork or stitches or anything.

PS - you can read about Craftivism here and here.