Creative Makers - Ceramics I love #letsallsupportcreatives

These pieces by Kim Wallace Ceramics.
These pieces by: from top left - Megan Puls, large blue bowl Kim Wallace, smaller green bowl Pebuku Pottery, beaker cup Pebuku Pottery, pourer jug Megan Puls, spotty dish Elke Lucas, small blue dish Kim Wallace.
These two pieces by unknown local artists.

Beaker cups - from left to right: Elke Lucas, Megan Puls, Susan Simonini, Harvest Clay, Pebuku Potteryay gold coast

Small scoop spoon by Pinky & Maurice Ceramics, painted spoon by Tamsin Ainslie

Last week I decided to start sharing some makers and creatives who I love and appreciate and respect. To share the maker love, and to start a conversation about supporting our creatives. A conversation about the realities of the income of artists, crafters, creatives in our country (in many countries really!). 

I'm not going to go into too much detail today, perhaps another day. Today - an image heavy post with just a small selection of some of our favourite ceramic pieces. Lots more in our home. We love using pieces that someone has made with their own hands, that someone has spent hours, sometimes days making and watching dry and firing and having the devastation of it cracking or not firing properly. And the sheer joy of it coming out of the kiln perfectly perfect. 

I love the little indentations of the artists hand upon the pieces - that imperfection of knowing someone made the piece. 

I made a lovely little magazine layout story of this on a fabulous fun app called Steller. Oh that's going to be a great place for me to play and share. You can view the story online here, or download the app and follow along with my other stories (search Ellie Beck or Petalplum). 

I'd love you to share your own Creative Maker loves. To spread the word about why we should support and value the artists in our community. I'm using #letsallsupportcreatives to connect us all on Instagram, if you'd like to join in there. Or leave a comment with your favourite makers for me to look at.