when it blooms

I feel I haven't shared any floral love here for a while. There's been SO much happening all around outside, in our garden and fields (paddock), and down the road and along the wayside. 

Spring tricked Winter a little, and some blossoms came really early. The peach blossoms are all but done, with the few glimpses of pinky when I drive along the road, and one tree in our garden. The white plum blossoms come a little later than the peaches, I'm not sure if it's a difference between peaches and plums or because ours are in different locations in the garden, and get different warmth and light. I love slipping across the grass to the plum trees. At a certain time of afternoon they have the most magic glowing quality. Actually, anytime of the day they are simply beautiful and intoxicating and magical to be amongst. The trees themselves are old and fallen and gnarled, like wizened fairy trees. Last weekend with the moon glowing through them in the late dusk light I felt truly lucky and special to be able to live here. 

One the weekend we gathered flowers from all over. And our home is now overflowing with vases of blooms. 

White azaleas and one pink rose from the vacant house up the road

White plum blossoms on long branches, tied up with golden thread, from across the paddock

Pink azaleas from just outside our door

One little clover flower picked at the bus stop

A small clutch of yellow dandelions the girl gave me

A woven piece of stick/yarn work. 

Red camellias from the giant tree outside - these are beautiful as blooms, and make a pretty stunning natural dye colour as well. 

What's the weather doing there, for you? 

Spring or Autumn settling in, or is Winter having a last little turn, like here where the evenings have slipped back into being cold again.

As always, I "collect"

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