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We've been having some glorious days lately, as well as some rain and cloudy days. But I'm taking notice of the Winter sunshine warming my body and soul, and also tricking a lot of flowers into early bloom. Our peach blossoms are already in full flourish, and their leaves have some on too. Generally the leaves don't come back - with their iridescent green showyness - until some time closer to Spring.

The mulberry tree down the road already has tiny little fruits starting to grow. It was full Summer last year when we were enjoying their deliciousness - it was dyeing our hands, feet, mouths brightest purple. And while I can't wait to start dyeing fabric and yarn with those little bubbles of colour, I also don't want to rush the Summer heat too soon.

Living where we do, we always have some flowers in bloom over Winter. Our garden is bare and barren, or snow covered like other Winter's across the globe. Nope, the sub-tropics are pretty decent places for Winter. Yet still, to see this early-Spring happening at barely the middle of Winter, means that Summer will be here before we know it. I have a horrible feeling that Spring will pass us by all too quickly and be swallowed up by Summer. And based on the past two years - it'll be wet and hot and steamy. Oh fun.

So right now, I'm enjoying these Winter (ish) days, and the feeling of Spring in the air. The days are still short, which means we chase the sun across our yard and I aim for my afternoon cup of tea to coincide with the golden hour before setting sun. (It tricked me today, as the shift in earth meant a different tall tree shaded the final sunbeams and I lost the light earlier than anticipated. Ah those tall trees that block my final cup of tea in the sunshine!!!). 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. In the sunshine reading

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