Frequently Asked Questions

Online Courses:

How do I access / view the course?
I offer my online courses through two different channels - one directly on this website on passcode locked pages, that you can easily access. And the other through an online site called Teachable. Where you log in with your own password and student account. 

What do I need to take part in your online courses?
A computer or device and access to internet. I don't have high speed internet and the videos work well for me, but please check your internet access & data usage before enroling. 

How long do I have access to your course?
Most of my courses are available all year round - once you purchase them I'll email you the log in info, and you can access the course at a time that suits you, whenever you like. 
The course never expires, so you have lifetime access, and can view the videos & downloadable content as many times as you like.
My Unfurl course is a 5-week course, where you receive weekly emails during those 5 weeks. The course is run only a few times a year, but you have lifetime access to the course any time after our initial 5-week session. I keep the content open and available for you to visit whenever you need.

Can I share my log in details?
I ask that you please don't share your log in details. I put a lot of time, energy, love, heart & head work into my online courses. If you feel that your friend would benefit from one of my courses, I ask that you kindly recommend me, but not share your access.
This is my primary income for my family - I'm just one person trying to put things into the world.
I price my online courses at a reasonable rate so that many can access it, and hope you understand and respect this. 

Do you have an affiliate program?
If you love my courses and would like to promote them to your friends, colleagues or family, please contact me so we can talk about my affiliate program. I only work with people who are aligned to my ethos. 

Do you offer refunds & exchanges:
I do not generally offer a refund for my online courses. I am happy to exchange for a different course if the one you signed up for isn't quite what you wanted. 

Please email me and we can chat about what course might be better for you. I have hands-on making things courses as well as courses aimed to encourage you in a creative life, and self-growth in a creative artistic manner. 

I thank you for your understanding in this. 

If you wish to discuss any of my courses or workshops prior to booking, please do contact me at and I can let you know if the course is what you're looking for.