Nature Journals
Botanical dye, simple book-binding & stitching a fabric wrapping cloth

Nature journal workshop - Ellie Beck Petalplum. Natural dye, eco-printing book binding

Finding time for our own quiet whisper, connecting with nature & creating something useful, meaningful, nourishing….

The joy that comes from creating time for ourselves to step back into nature and be guided towards listening to our own internal voice is something is missing from our modern over-digital lives. This weekend will immerse you into learning how to slow down, to create space for yourself and take cues from nature on how to continue our own creative journeys.

You’ll learn beautiful botanical dyeing and eco-printing, using local landscape as our colours. I know you’ll be surprised to make colour and pattern on cloth and paper, and then turn it into your own nature journal and wrapping cloth.

What you’ll make this weekend will more than simple a book, it will be the catalyst for writing your own poetry, words, drawings or simply a space to allow ideas to flow. By creating a special wrapping cloth your book will turn into a precious treasure that will become part of your meditation, art practice and honouring your own self.

Connecting with others, conversing with nature & giving yourself space to tap into your innate creativity is what this weekend is about.

When: Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th October, 2019. 10am-4.30pm each day
Where: Milbrodale, NSW. At Tricia’s beautiful property, in the Hunter Valley region.
What: Two full immersive days of workshop, learning, connecting and slowing down. All materials are included.
All meals included: morning tea, lunch & dinner on Saturday, breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea on Sunday. Meals will be prepared by Tricia and Ellie, and will be vegetarian, nourishing, wholesome, made from local and whole ingredients. Think fresh fruit, dahl and campfire curries, nourishing bowls & salads, banana bread, date loaf, cups of tea and chai. *please let us know any special dietary requirements upon booking, or contact me before hand so we can chat.

Accommodation options: While the workshop is not officially a full-overnight experience, Tricia has generously offered free camping options at her place. If that suits you please do bring your own camping supplies (tent & bedding, etc), and lets spend Saturday evening stitching, conversing, connecting and enjoying a delicious meal & each other’s company. If camping isn’t quite your thing, there are many lovely nearby AirBnB or hotel options. Grab some friends and experience a whole beautiful weekend away. Even if you’re not camping, please do stay and enjoy dinner with us (on Saturday night) and breakfast (on Sunday morning) - included in the workshop fee.

*please note that camping facilities are basic, including a composting bucket toilet and no shower, but a stunning location and beautiful people to stay with.

Price: Early bird $350 (ends 31st July, 2019). Full price $390

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Tricia’s beautiful small home and garden. Photo credit:  Tricia Hogbin .

Tricia’s beautiful small home and garden. Photo credit: Tricia Hogbin.

Ellie Beck Petalplum Slow Stitching in the forest


While my workshops are fluid and allow everyone’s voice to contribute to our experience, we will follow a basic outline for our two days together;


  • We’ll begin with mindful moments, a little meditation of sorts. Sipping our tea and breathing more gently

  • Gathering and collecting from nature, we’ll set up natural dye pots and make colour on fabric and paper

  • Instinctual mark-making on cloth, using botanical inks & nature’s brushes


  • After a delicious breakfast, we’ll begin by assessing our colours, patterns and prints from day one

  • Using simple book-binding we’ll make our journals, including some conversations about imperfectionism

  • The afternoon will be doing intentional slow stitching into our wrapping cloths, and turning them into bags

During our time together we’ll talk about what it means to be creative, over-turning those myths that we tell ourselves about making art, being good enough and why that doesn’t even matter. You’ll learn technical how-to skills (botanical dye, eco-printing, book binding, stitching), but more than that you’ll learn how to simply follow the joy of creating for yourself. And how important it is to give ourselves the space to be nourish and honour our own internal whispers.

My workshops are a combination of giving you as much how-to information as possible, while also leaving space for the magic, the quiet, the being immersed in the moment. You’ll learn a lot, but you’ll also spend time quietly doing the work of making and being and sitting and enjoying…..

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