Loom Weaving
The art & craft of weaving your own stories & landscapes


Take the how-to of an age-old traditional technique & twist it to become an expression for your own stories, your creative voice & a new way towards mindfulness.

Or just learn how to weave a pretty wall hanging to show off on Instagram!

Loom weaving has this very wonderful juxtaposition - it can become almost like a meditation, where you’ll immerse yourself in the quiet of yarny-conversations, connecting with your internal creative whisper. Or otherwise it’s simply a super fun way to spend an afternoon, making patterns and pictures with beautiful naturally dyed yarns.

My weaving workshops are not about following someone else’s patterns or style, but about guiding you to create your own works, delve into your own personal artistic skills and make something that no one else has ever made before!

It’s been a week since I packed this piece up and sent it off to its new owners. Woah! This is the biggest weave I’ve ever created and golly did it take some hours (more than 100, including naturally dyeing all the yarn myself). ⠀
The stories in this wall hanging are about different people coming together. How we all have our own textures, hues, pasts, yet how we can be in the space and connect, share, join together. What happens when many people brings themselves to the space, and when we allow each other to speak their stories without it meaning our own stories are being overlooked or not important enough.⠀
Or otherwise it’s just some pretty yarn threaded through some warp strings 🤪😳⠀
My husband @deadwoodcreative made me a custom sized loom. I used Australian cotton from @string_harvest as my warp. And Australian wool from @mollydale_yarns, with some small sections of vintage kimono silk as well. ⠀
Natural dyes are : indigo, madder, loquat leaves, avocado seeds, golden rod flowers, brown onion skins. ⠀
** This little boy was a bit sad I sent this weave away, and asked me to make one for him.... it sure makes me happy when my family loves what I create 💓

Two dates available:
Sunday 8th September, Atelier 34, Sunshine Coast.
Sunday 20th October, Willow Vale, Southern Highlands, NSW

What: A beautiful morning learning how to weave, sipping tea, nibbling on cake and treats. Make your own woven wall hanging artwork and spend time enjoying this beautiful creative process, that has been around since ancient times.
Cost: $165 includes take home wooden weaving loom & weaving needles + naturally dyed sustainable yarns.

You’ll go home with:

  • Your very own hand crafted wooden weaving loom & weaving needles (like this one)

  • Enough yarn to create your weaving (naturally dyed by me)

  • Extra warp string to make another weaving

  • Access to my online weaving course

  • A wooden hanging stick

  • A Petalplum tote bag

  • Increased confidence in your creative skills

  • A finished woven artwork, or the know-how to take it off the loom if you quite finished yet.

Early bird price $165 ends 31st July, 2019. Full price $190

Loom Weaving: Atelier 34, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Loom Weaving: Southern Highlands, NSW
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I am currently working on a giant weaving commission and these are the colours - don’t you just want to roll around in this luscious-ness! All dyed with plant colours in my garden & kitchen. ⠀
Colours are dyed with:⠀
~ blues   indigo ⠀
~ pinks   avocado seeds, loquat leaves and madder root ⠀
~ yellows   dahlia flowers, golden rod flowers, onion skins, eucalyptus leaves⠀
~ greys   avocado overdyed with iron⠀
~ greens   yellows dipped into indigo ⠀
All beautiful Australian wool and some vintage silks and various other yarns


My workshops are about so much more than simply learning a new skill, though you do that too. I’ve been teaching hands-on crafting and creative making for over 10 years (both online and in-person), and know how to make your class fun, informative, educational and inspiring.

You’ll learn the stitches to create a wall hanging, a cushion or tote bag or jewellery. You’ll be able to warp your loom and know the difference between double and single warp (and why you’d use one or the other), taking your weaving off the loom and everything in between.

I even share my natural dye tips with you, so you can go home to create your own colours for future weavings.