To make, create, pull from nothing, clay formed,
weave & spin, a spell,
stitching & words.
The warp & weft of daily life.

Patreon is a space where I share behind the scenes of my work, as well as my creative-making thoughts, ideas on being an artist, words on motherhood, and so much more. 

I talk about the challenges I'm going through with my creative practice, as well as the joyful & beautiful & positive things. I share my work in progress, photos and stories about what I'm making. 

And poetry-type words. I'm writing a book, which I aim to self-publish later this year / early next year. And I am sharing parts of it through Patreon. 

What is Patreon & why am I using it? 
Patreon is a space where you can support me as an artist, a creative, a writer. It's like a modern-day version of being an arts patron. Each month you gift / donate to me, and you receive rewards / thank yous in exchange. You can access my whole Patreon page, and my private blog for as little as $1US a month, or as much as you can give. 

Your financial support helps me to purchase materials and supplies for my creative practice, helps me to make my art work, and not have to think about the bills as much. And also - most importantly - it reminds me that what I'm doing is vital, important to you, and it encourages me to continue along my journey. This is the biggest aspect for me, of Patreon - you giving me the knowledge that I am valued. 

What do you get in exchange for financially supporting me? 
Well, apart from feeling pretty amazed at yourself for helping someone else to follow creative artistic dreams, you receive different rewards / gifts from me. Click through to the Patreon page to see the different gifts at different price tiers. 

I am working on the idea of a book, and your support will go towards helping me make this book - giving me space and financial freedom to write and plan it. And then you can receive the book once it's been published. As well as many other gifts that include hand made items, cards, photos, drawings...... I'm open to working with you if there's something very special that you'd like. 

Perhaps a weaving - and your monthly Patreon pledge could build up towards me making you a large piece? 

If you're already part of Patreon. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. 

Here's where you can access my private blog. The password is available in the Patreon posts, or email me and I'll share it with you. 
And here's where you can find info about my Patreon page, and join in. You can follow along even if you don't financially support me, I do share public posts over there as well as private ones; so it's a great way to stay connected with my work.