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Stitching for Slow Living. FREE

This online workshop is dear to my heart because it's about more than simply making something. It's about the process of finding your own quiet, the meditation of the slow of stitchwork, creating space in your life, your mind, your heart to focus entirely on yourself for moments in your day.

Using beautiful, treasured fabrics and thread, I'll guide you through my process of 'Slow Stitch', which is a simple interpretation of Japanese Sashiko or Indian Kantha - but my version. There's patterns for making a cushion cover and a useful purse for carrying your threads, scissors, etc as well as other ideas of what you can make with your Slow Stitched pieces.

I use my own botanically dyed fabrics, as well as deconstructed vintage Kimonos, but you can use any fabrics that you have to hand - especially scraps of precious fabric that you've been saving for 'just the right project'!

This course is more about the process and giving you permission to slow down in your life, while also making something practical (because I know sometimes our families wonder if we'll ever make something useful! I promise they'll all want their own cushion or quilt). It's a mix of the craft of making combined with the heartful art of making.

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ENROL IN THIS FREE COURSE HERE. This course is available FREE to everyone. I hope you love slow stitching as much as I do.