Fear-Less & Improv Quilt online course

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Fear-Less & Improv Quilt online course


A 4-week online course taking you from the tentative beginnings right through to creating your very own beautiful useful wearable quilt. If you’ve ever been too scared to make the mistakes, and not sure where to start- this course is perfect for you, embracing your imperfections and guiding you through the process of loving your wonky stitches, yet also knowing the actual real how-tos of sewing a quilt using hand stitching and / or machine sewing (I’ll show both options, so you can choose what works best for you).

Begins 5th August. Early Bird price ends 31st July.

You’ll receive an email with login info on 5th Aug.

Suggested materials you might want:

  • fabric. This can be new fabric or upcycled / second-hand or from your fabric stash. You can use clothes or old blankets, or a combination of different fabrics. Natural fibres are recommended, and what I use. I suggest one weight / type of fabric, for beginners ie: all linen or cotton

  • thread - this can be like regular embroidery thread, stitching cottons, sashiko thread or sometimes I use crochet cotton - as long as your need can go through the eye

  • needles - for hand stitching. You’ll want a combination of long needles for the sashiko-style stitches, and shorter needles for the quilting aspect. But, most importantly use whatever hand sewing needles you already have

  • batting - if you want. This is the inside soft-padding of a quilt. You can use an old woollen blanket, a doona / duvet, or proper quilting batting (from a quilt shop, or online: I’ll share more details in the course).

  • safety pins or quilting pins (helpful, but not necessary)

  • sewing pins

  • scissors - fabric and embroidery scissors are handy

  • sewing machine is optional. I will show both ways to create this quilt with a sewing machine or without.

This course will be presented through a series of videos, downloadable PDFs and blog-post styles instructions. You’ll have access to my email inbox, or Instagram direct messages for however much extra help you need. I’m here to guide you, but also like stepping back and letting you do the work yourself too.

Can’t wait to create with you!

What my Fearless Quilting online course includes:

  • 4 weeks of videos, pdfs, projects, ideas and tutorials to guide you from the very first step of gathering your fabric right through to hand stitching the finishing edges.

  • Inspiration and ideas to show you where to look outside of the usual places to guide your ‘designs’

  • A combination of hand-holding to be there when you need (via videos, email or messages) and then the magic of stepping back and letting you explore, experiment, make mistakes, learn your version of quilting.

  • Step-by-step videos showing you the stitches to use, like you’re sitting beside me in my studio. (Watch this for a preview of my videos)

  • Hand illustrated stitch guide PDF

  • Writing prompts, intentional and mindful guidance to remind you that quilting (sewing, crafting, creative work) is more than just the making of something; it’s the process and what the process gives us to nourish ourselves.

  • special discount off the supplies section of my online shop - so you can use the same needles, scissors and thread that I use.

  • The added side effect of teaching you how to make a quilt with your very own hands, heart & head!

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