Postage & Shipping:

I aim to use all, or as much, recycled packing materials as possible. Sometimes this means that I have tissue paper from something else (often gifted to me), or brown paper, sometimes it means I don't. I use fabric, raffia, ribbons - what I have available without purchasing new packaging supplies. 

I do use new parcel satchels or boxes, if I don't have any recycled ones available - but please know that I do my best each time to make sure my parcels are as minimally wasteful as possible. I don't use special stickers or printed ribbons or any of those things that create un-usable waste. Often I don't even have business cards, for as pretty as they can be, it feels to me like another throw-away item in an online shopping world. 

If my website accidentally overcharges you on the shipping cost, please let me know once you've received your parcel. I do my very best to make sure that the shipping costs are as close to accurate as possible, but unfortunately the website might add a little too much. I never charge a fee for my time packing your item. But do please remember to take into account the cost of any boxes or parcel satchels when looking at the costs. I do my very best to pack things to stick within their weight limit. 

I use Australia Post for most of my deliveries. 

Generally a regular parcel in Australia is charged at $10AU, depending on the size and weight. Looms are a little heavier so cost a little more.
Overseas shipping is $18 - $25AU, or more for custom items such as woven artwork. Please send me an email if you’re a little unsure before you purchase.