{making} King Lion + Princess Unicorn

I made these blankets for the kids for Christmas gifts. I wanted something lightweight that they could use as Summer blankets, and also something they could take in the car (for when we stay out late and they fall asleep on the drive home). Mostly I just wanted an excuse to have some more of that beautiful, delicious double gauze in our home. Being used, and not stored in a box or cupboard (or shipping container as is the current living/storing conditions until our new home is designed, planned + built). 
I'm so pleased that they both love them. As much as me, perhaps. Every night for bed they snuggle up under these creamy and soft pieces. It's been quite a mild Summer here, with rain for weeks on end (resulting in the flooding that has ripped through our communities). This week past we've had the only two hot Summer days for the whole holidays. {And yes, those were the two days that Sam packed our new shipping container! Preceeded and followed by walking and working and packing and cleaning the yard in the pouring rain}.
All I did was stitch two lengths (1.5meters each) of double gauze together. With an edge stitching detail to finish it off. Nothing fancy. Simple, quick - something that would be finished in time for wrapping and giving on Christmas morning. Ari's is Echino's Chelsea Lion in purple one side, with aqua on the other; while Mishi's is Heather Ross's Far Far Away Unicorns in purple, with Nani Iro's Fuwari Fuwari in white on the other side. I wasn't sure if I'd like the Fuwari Fuwari as much as some of her others, but it's perfect for a little Princess's blanket (or cloak as the case may be).
I'm sure I'll be making more of these simple to sew up, but splendidly wonderful to use and have and hold blankets and quilts over the coming years. After all, you know - I'm moving to the country, where life is simple and of course that means I'm going to suddenly do all the things I've always had on my really long (in my mind only) list of things I want to do.