I need your advice fabric people.....

This is a plea for help. I'm planning the making of a very special gift for a friend who is getting married very early next year. {If you are that friend, and you are reading this now. STOP reading right now. And some back another day!!}.

I want to make her a special quilt, but I'm not really a quilt making person - so am thinking more a simple bits of fabric sewn together into a blanket shape style of quilt. None of this 1/8th of inches or anything like that. Anyway, where you come in is :: this buying fabric online is all good and well, but it's also really hard to put fabrics up next to each other and see how the colours and tones and patterns all work together. There's only so much swapping from web page to web page trying to visualise it.

Please let me know if you think these look beautiful together. Or just okay. Or no good at all. They're all Nani Iro double gauze - I'm aiming to make a light-weight Spring / Autumn quilt. I'll put 100% cotton batting inside (I think??). 

Of course the layout wouldn't be like this, it's just for ease of mocking something up quickly {with a child on my lap and another at my side wanting to touch the screen}.

The more I look at this collection, the more I'm liking it. I think I have some grey + white spots in double gauze at my studio that I could add, or perhaps use as the backing. (But the studio's at another location, so I can't check what's there or not). I'm limited to only being able to buy from Australian (online) shops, and my local shops didn't even know what/who Nani Iro was. {I tell you, I was aghast at that, and will not be visiting that shop - I rang them up to ask information before dragging the kids across town}.

Please send me any other ideas of what I can add to the mix, as perhaps just those three fabrics won't be enough for visual interest in a double size quilt. I'm wondering if this or this might work, but they are both only single (not double) gauze, and I'm not sure if that will work, or I'll have to buy extra and layer them when I sew. And I really like this, but think perhaps it's a bit too dirty white.

I'm waiting for all your words of wisdom. And will not be ordering anything until I have your approval. Oh yes, fabric loving friends - I have total trust in you being able to solve my selection dilemmas.