Pay What You Can is a way for me to give back to my beautiful community, by helping everyone to learn & experience new things. I know how sometimes adding the cost of an online course just can’t fit into a budget, and I want to make sure I can support you in your journey of making, re-connecting with your soul’s whisper, learning how to unbusy.

My teachings and courses are about more than just making something, they really are about making space for your self, for who you are underneath the overwhelm of life. And I can to give space for this to YOU.

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Enjoy making! And please share your making via social media, your friends or community - this is a great way to help me in my small business... you sharing with a wider audience, so we can all learn something together.

Use these discount codes at the checkout to receive between 25%-75% off any of my online courses:
SAVE25% - takes 25% off any / all online courses
SAVE50% - takes 50% off any of all of my online courses
SAVE 75% - takes 75% off

*This discount doesn’t apply to my in-person workshops or my kits, but I am always open to helping / offering discounts for people who would really truly benefit from receiving my fabrics, yarns, teachings. Please email me if this is you, or a friend of yours and we can work something out. I am also open to payment plans for my larger works / textile art.

Please tag me @petalplum and use #PetalplumMakers so I can see what you make. 

My daughter made this beautiful raffia basket. Learn to make your own - Petalplum blog.

My 11yr old daughter made this beautiful basket.

Hand made raffia basket - learn to make your own. Petalplum blog.