Fearless Quilting & Courageous Stitching

This 6-week online course will guide you on how to create your own usable, loved-up, art quilt. You’ll learn the how-tos of machine and hand stitching and make your very own heirloom quilt.

But more importantly you’ll discover ways to step through the fears of perfectionism, and how to embrace your mistakes (in quilting and in life!), and see the beauty in your innate creativity.

Begins 5th August, 2019. Early bird pricing ends 31st July.

This morning I sat in the sunshine stitching, mending my little denim jacket that I’ve been wearing for about 10years (which I didn’t photograph because I was stitching). ⠀
I’m soaking up the goodness of things as they happen; slowing into each day, looking up at the sky, stopping to listen to the black cockatoos calling, feeling the soil in my hands while digging my garden, looking people in the eyes when we speak, hearing the thread through fabric while I stitch.⠀
I wrote a blog post about finding creativity in the busyness of regular life, perhaps you’d like to read it. It was originally written for a magazine but they kept changing their minds about what angle they wanted me to write - so I decided to share it on my blog instead. I’ve got to that age where I don’t want to chase to someone’s perfections and am happy to let go, rather than pushing a ‘thing’ to happen. ⠀
*this is my Fearless Quilt - which makes me so happy


Natural & Botanical Dye

Learn the magic, art & science of natural dyeing. Creating colour from your landscape, garden, compost or powdered dyes, you’ll learn how to eco-print, bundle dye, hot and cold dyeing as well as solar dyes. Indigo vat is included. Shibori and patterns on cloth extends what you can create onto your fabric, yarn or paper.

Available for immediate access and you have lifetime access to this course, including any extra information I add.

Videos and downloadable PDF



The Art & Craft of Loom Weaving

This online workshop takes you from the very beginning of how to warp up your loom, right through to the stitches you’ll need to create your own woven wall hangings or textile works.

You’ll learn how to create texture, shapes & patterns - both graphic and organic, how to join colours and so much more. I also share my thoughts on how to use the ancient craft of weaving to learn your own art of listening to your creative voice.

The course includes making a wall hanging, woven cushion, purse and jewellery (this is being added soon).

Available for immediate access through my online teaching school, and you have lifetime access to this course, including any extra information I add over the years.

I have some workshops coming up over the coming months, and I’m really really super happy to be collaborating with these amazing heart-ful women to bring creative connections to you. ⠀
I hope you can come along and we can chat while we create; my workshops are about more than simply making a thing   they’re about connecting, immersing ourselves deeply into tapping into our own creative voices, working through the fears of imperfectionism, and discovering the joys of slowing down into the simple pleasures that comes from creating with head, heart & hands.⠀
•Loom weaving & a book launch party @_atelier34_ ‘s place⠀
•Natural dye & book binding @triciaeco ‘s place⠀
•Botanical Improv & loom weaving @darling_mills_studio ‘s place.⠀
I’ll share more over the coming week, but all the details are on my website - with early bird tickets available until end of July.


Basket Making using Raffia and Fabric scraps

Come weave with me! These step-by-step videos will have you feeling like you’re sitting right beside me in my studio. I’ll show you how to weave your very own beautiful basket using natural fibres such as raffia and fabric scraps (new videos coming soon!).

I also share how I dye raffia using kitchen scraps to create my own naturally dyed colours.

Available for immediate access through my online teaching school. You’ll have lifetime access to this, including any extra segments I add.


2017, naturally dyed and instinctual mark-making fabric panels.JPG

Printing on Fabric : instinctual mark-making, screen printing and stencil-printing onto fabric.

Learn how to set up a screen to create your own designs onto fabric. I show you the step-by-step process of designing and cutting your own stencils and then applying them to fabric either by screen printing or stencilling.

We’ll also play and explore with experimental mark-making using found objects and nature brushes - this is so fun and a perfect addition to my Natural Dyeing class. Dye your fabric, then paint it for your very own bespoke collections or gifts.

Available as step-by-step videos through my online teaching school, you’ll have lifetime access to this class including any new content I add.