Questions & Answers

+ How can I access & watch your online courses?

Most of my courses are hosted on a site called Teachable. They're super easy to watch through their desktop platform or the Teachable app.

A computer or device and access to internet. I don't have high speed internet and the videos work well for me, but please check your internet access & data usage before enroling.

+ How long do I have to access your online courses?

How does lifetime access sound?! As long as the internet still exists you'll be able to watch my courses. If I change platforms (either my website or the Teachable site), I'll let you know and you can transfer across to the new platform.

+ Can I share my log on password details with a friend?

I ask that you please don't share your log in details. I put a lot of time, energy, love, heart & head work into my online courses. If you feel that your friend would benefit from one of my courses, I ask that you kindly recommend me, but not share your access. This is my primary income for my family - I'm just one person trying to put things into the world. I price my online courses at a reasonable rate so that many can access it, and hope you understand and respect this.

+ What is your refund or exchange policy?

My main hope is that you love what you receive - be it something I've made and sent to you, or an online course. But of course, very occassionally that might not be the case. Please send me an email, and we can chat about either a refund or exchange.

+ What are you postage prices?

I use Australia Post for almost all of my parcels and letters. In over 10 years I've never had a parcel go missing! I charge a flat fee based on the weight of your item; the fee includes the cost of the parcel bag or box as well.

+ Where can I buy your book 'Mindful Thoughts for Makers'?

My new book is available at all online book shops, and hopefully your local book shop also sells it; please ask them first as supporting a local bookshop is amazing. I have copies available at my studio and in my online shop here.

+ Can you come to my shop / studio / home to teach a workshop?

Possibly yes! I love teaching my classes and workshops in different locations, and I'm always keen to travel and find a new landscape to explore. I live in Australia (Northern NSW), but am happy to travel almost anywhere. Let's chat!

+ What's the best way to contact you?

You can email me via my contact page, message me on Instagram or Facebook. Or if you're a local I have a studio in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW.

+ Where is your studio? And what are your opening hours?

My studio is out the back of the M-Arts Precinct, on the corner of Brisbane St & Proudfoots Lane. You can access the artists studio spaces via Proudfoots Lane. I'm studio hours revolve around my children, but you can hopefully find me there on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Other days are available by appointment; just text me or email me.

+ More info about postage costs, shipping, tracking and insurance.

Postage & Shipping: I aim to use all, or as much, recycled packing materials as possible. Sometimes this means that I have tissue paper from something else (often gifted to me), or brown paper, sometimes it means I don't. I use fabric, raffia, ribbons - what I have available without purchasing new packaging supplies.

I do use new parcel satchels or boxes, if I don't have any recycled ones available - but please know that I do my best each time to make sure my parcels are as minimally wasteful as possible. I don't use special stickers or printed ribbons or any of those things that create un-usable waste. Often I don't even have business cards, for as pretty as they can be, it feels to me like another throw-away item in an online shopping world.

If my website accidentally overcharges you on the shipping cost, please let me know once you've received your parcel. I do my very best to make sure that the shipping costs are as close to accurate as possible, but unfortunately the website might add a little too much. I never charge a fee for my time packing your item. But do please remember to take into account the cost of any boxes or parcel satchels when looking at the costs. I do my very best to pack things to stick within their weight limit.

I use Australia Post for most of my deliveries.

Generally a regular parcel in Australia is charged at $10AU, depending on the size and weight. Looms are a little heavier so cost a little more. Overseas shipping is $18 - $25AU, or more for custom items such as woven artwork. Please send me an email if you’re a little unsure before you purchase.

Tracking is automatically included with a parcel in Australia, but not with International parcels. If you would like tracking added to your order, please add this item to your cart .

Lost or damaged items - what to do.

If your parcel is tracked then we can do a search, and see where it’s gone. If a parcel goes missing I cannot be held responsible for it’s loss. You can add extra insurance if you’d like which means that a lost item can be claimed through the postage system.

For damaged items, please photograph the parcel / box / package before you open and then after you open; to determine if the damage is due to the postal system or due to my packing (*note I’ve never had a parcel arrived damaged or ruined, or even lost in 10 years of professional sending). We can put in a claim if the item was insured. I do not insure items unless you have requested me to, or if it’s a custom order artwork, then I factor insurance into the postage quote.

Overcharged shipping:

If the stamp on your parcel is much less than what you paid, and you feel like you’ve been overcharged on shipping then please contact me to refund the difference. I try my best to set up my website with shipping costs as accurate as possible, but it’s a hard variable to guess. Do take into account the cost for the parcel box or bag, as well as sometimes tracking and insurance costs aren’t always written on the postage stamp (strangely). To be honest, usually I loose money (undercharge) on my shipping fees.