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Conversations with Slow is where I share behind the scenes of my slow creative business, recipes and ideas for a living a gentler, slower more sustainable life. I have patterns and projects for you to take into your home, simple ways to reconnect with your-self in a thoughtful, intentional manner.

It’s also a way for you to support me, as a Mama-Artist. It’s a little like being an arts patron. You ‘donate’ to me each month (the cost of a coffee once a month), and I share my stories with you via my Conversations with Slow space.

What will you get by financially supporting me?

  • the feel-good factor of supporting a working mother-artist

  • access to my Conversations with Slow page, which includes recipes, patterns, projects, essays, ideas, photo-stories

  • behind the scenes talk about my creative practice - I often share the hidden sides of being an artist, a creative mother, the money issues, the creativity and such.

  • once each year - in December / January - I will send you a hand-made hand-written card from me to your real mail box (you must have been donating for at least 6 months to receive this).

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I previously held this space on Patreon, which is a forum for supporting artists; but I have decided to move it across to here for a few reasons. Mostly to contain all my words and photos on my website, rather than in a different space. But also because Patreon is in US$, which means my Australian Patrons are being charged more than anticipated (due to changing exchange rates), and Patreon charges me a % of each donation. So being on my website means you pay less and I receive the full amount of your very generous donation. For International supporters - my website automatically charges in your currency, but you’ll only ever be charged $5AU (check out the exchange rate here).

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