Natural, Botanical & Indigo Dyeing

I love playing with plants, flowers, leaves, kitchen scraps and found botanical items. They create colour and patterns on fabric, yarn and paper, while also being quite meditative to work with.
Read my blog posts here or have a look at my Botanical & Natural Dye online course, or Eco-Printing Nature Journal online course here. I also teach in real life workshops, where we can smile together about the colours we’ve made.

Ellie Beck - Botanically dyed fabrics pinks with flowers.jpeg
Ellie Beck Petalplum Naturally dyed fabrics - indigo, avocado seeds, red cabbage.jpeg
Ellie Beck Petalplum - Naturally Dyed muslin fabric in pinks and purples.jpeg
Ellie Beck Petalplum Naturally dyed fabric - dyeing with marigolds
Ellie Beck - Botanical dye - Garden Bundle scarf.jpeg
dye colour jar cropped. Ellie Beck Petalplum
Ellie Beck Petalplum blog naturally dye fabrics.JPG