my book - Mindful Thoughts for Makers

Oh Hey! I wrote a book.

And it’s almost ready to be out in the world, so we can hold it in our hands. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it.

It was a really really excellent process, writing and being edited by someone, having to fit exact requirements of word count and such. So good for my to have this experience.

The book is 25 essays on making, intentional process, bringing mindfulness and thoughtfulness into our days… and that sort of thing.

You can pre-order my book - pre-orders really help authors, in the whole publishing process (so I’ve read). It makes the publishers much happier with you. And my editor says that depending on how this book goes, they will ready to write the next book with me - which is already flowing out of me onto rough drafts.

Pre-order from Amazon
or Book Depository
or ask your local book shop to stock it
or your library
or I have it for pre-order in my shop here and will have it at my studio too.

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