raising global children - guardians of our future

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Raising conscious, thoughtful, considerate children can be hard. Raising my children to grow into free-thinking, emotionally aware, environmentally active, socially conscious humans sometimes feels impossible. Sending them out into the world with all my ideals shoved down their throat isn't the answer, but letting them only listen to their teachers or peers isn't the answer either. It's finding a balance of sharing my own ideals and ways of living, while also letting them discover their own ways - their own thoughts, expectations of themselves. Letting them discover their heart-felt way of living in the world.

Guiding them gently is my way. Being clear on who I am, but giving them the space to discover who they are, how they fit in. Education, in my mind, is one of the best ways my children see what's going on in their world, and can choose to be involved or how active they want to be to make changes. But education itself takes time to find the right learning tools, the best resources, the accurate information. Luckily they know that not everything on the internet is the right answer, they know to question things, dig deeper, find more answers, ask another expert. We talk about that a fair bit - how just because it's written (in a book or on the internet) doesn't make it real or right or the only solution. How they have to use their brain and their heart to come to their own conclusions.

Being children of this generation my kids love using online resources to learn. Videos and moving pictures, clicking to the next page, being able to quickly search something else….. THOUGH - Let it be known loud and clear - they love love love reading real paper books, and flipping through a giant resource book (bird books, art books, world maps, etc etc). For us it's finding a balance of real paper books combined with online resources. Our home library shelves simply aren't big enough to be filled with all the everythings they want to learn about, information they want to devour. But sometimes, do you think finding online resources can be hard? Scouring through to find accurate information that's not filled with ugly photos, or strange references, or clickable popup adds.

Recently my lovely online friend Danielle, from Hippie In Disguise, (find her beautiful life here on IG as well as on her blog), told me about a new online project she's been had the pleasure of watching a friend create. And when I saw it I got a bit excited too. I can't wait to see all the future resources that my kids can access. It's called Global Guardian Project, and is a monthly zine / resource guide featuring a different country each month. It focusses on environmental, social and humanitarian aspects inspiring children on how they can become change makers in the world. With stories of local families, ideas for making change in our own families, beautifully stunning photography, recipes, projects and so much more - this is a resource to welcome into your inbox every month.

Global Guardian Project

My kids aren't homeschooled, but my idea of educating my children means that their learning doesn't stop once they leave the classrooms. For me to be able to off them some beautiful resources to educate and inspire them means we can extend their learning while empowering their concept of how they fit into the world, and how small changes they make can have a giant ripple effect.

There's a beautifully inspiring mini-zine about the Oceans, showing the quality of the issues, so you can a sample of what you'll be receiving. The first issue is all about Brazil, and is available for pre-order over here - there's so much excellent information and beautiful photos, as well as inspiring downloadable artprints / projects. Future issues will also have cooking and more art/craft projects as well.

The lovely Global Guardian Project founder, Rebecca, has given me a discount code for you to use to receive 10% off each monthly learning packet - use PETALPLUM to receive the discount. If you subscribe you'll receive a beautiful looking world map posted to your home, so the kids can see exactly the region they're learning about. The first issue is Brazil, and I can't wait to find out more about this colourful vibrant country. {For the whole of Thursday 11th August there's a 20% discount by using my code. So go try it out now.}

*I receive a small affiliate % from your purchase using my discount code. I only ever work with businesses whose ethics and ethos fit within mine, and who I think you, my dear reader, will benefit from. I thank you for supporting these small businesses, and for supporting me in this small way as well.