Ode to my library

Dear local library, Thank you for your shelves of cookbooks to ooogle over, thank you for your art & reference sections to help with my kids' school assignments, thank you for your '90s & '00s daggy craft book (oh some of them are the best ever, for real!), and thank you for ordering in the modern crafty books I spot on Instagram (so I can borrow them 20 times in a row).

Thank you for having a semi-decent dvd selection, so we can have 3 whole weeks to watch all the bad drama and action movies we want. Thank you for having an excellent kids section, and sticking with th Dewy-Deci system so my kids can learn how to find their own books. And for having friendly librarians who talk to my kids like the intelligent interesting they are.

And dear library, thank you for having strong and solid shelves, for my toddler to climb onto. And for your lovely staff to turn a blind eye to his antics - shelf climbing, pulling dvds from shelves & re-sorting them, throwing all the stuffed toys from the play section around and lining the chairs up in a row across the walkway. And for not ever once shushing us.

Sweet lovely library, looking out over the fishpond (will the turtles come back soon we wonder), from my childhood. Thank you for updating yet staying nostalgically as special as I remember. And thank you for wiping out overdue fees when you see how flustered I am that books got lost under the kids' beds again.

Dear library. I really do love you! And I love that if I can't make it in to borrow books for my voracious book-eating children, we can borrow them on audio for free as well. Have you discovered talking books? I seriously didn't believe my kids when they first told me how good BorrowBox was - perhaps I should read more parenting books that will remind me kids know lots of excellent and great stuff, and listen to them more!

Do you library visit? What's your favourite current read? I've just built a bedside table from my favourite tomes - hopefully there's no overdue library books hiding in there!