did Instagram forget about the connections - how to find Insta Love

Yesterday I woke up and checked my Insta (yeah I know you do it too, don't try to act all holier than thou!). And oh boy, how sad to see that I've been forced to join the non-chronological feed. No choice - just happened. I know I've been lucky to have not had it pushed on me earlier than now; some people have had it for more than 6 months, since Instagram first mentioned it was happening.

I wrote about it on my Insta account; I like to share a little morning hello with my friends over there (when I can), and from the comments I can tell you all feel the same. So I wanted to expand upon it…. my version and thoughts of it. Some of you might wonder why it matters, and how it fits into this Slow Living Lifestyle I keep talking about {And yeah, sometimes I wonder - BUT ….}.

The reason it matters, that these changes matter is that it's affecting the way I can connect and communicate with my audience. The more changes Instagram continues to force on us, the more dis-satisfied we all feel, the more we switch off. That's great for forcing us off social media, but I'm pretty sure we're all looking for an alternative rather than suddenly having in-depth conversations with ourselves, or having taken up a new craft in our social-media free time! If you've done that, Cool, you inspire me…. but social media is actually my chance to step away from all that, to have a different conversation (rather than the 20 month old chatter, which while very lovely, needs some creative friendly boosts). I'm a slightly better version of myself on Instagram {aren't you?}, and I can ignore the mess of life for a while. And that's seriously healthy. But more than that - I have met, and continue to meet, people outside my regular everyday life who give me something I can't get from work-at-home-life.

Oh  - golly….. just the coffee art on Insta makes me happy, cause daily coffee at cafes isn't in my budget and it never quite looks/tastes/feels that same with three kids in tow!

Everyone keeps saying that to be 'successful' on Instagram you need to follow some simple rules - content is king, #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag, post at the optimal time… BUT - I don't think that's entirely true anymore. I keep seeing amazing content from people not getting the love it deserves, and I'm seeing some accounts skyrocket in likes + comments, while their content isn't any better than anyone else's (and in my very humble opinion maybe a bit formulae and very same-same). My thoughts on this, it could be totally wrong, is that some certain accounts get a high like count due to Instagram feeding it to more people, and the more likes it gets, the more Instagram shows it to more people (via their home feed and explore page). I've a few ideas about the way around this, and if you're an IG-er with lower follower count you have more chance of seeing 'results' this way. I've written it up as a little how-to PDF that you can download here (by signing up to my mailing list - but I promise I barely ever send emails!).

I'm trying to find options, alternatives for Instagram. So far, nothing. The good ol' days of blogging seem to have slipped away - those days when we all chatted and knew each other, but now everyone's a blogger and there's barely enough time to remember the blog names, let alone your real names!

But in the meantime - I'll still be hanging out in Insta-land cause it's the prettiest, chattiest place I've found to be! Come say hi - commenting on Insta is one of the best ways to get comments back.

What tips do you have to work around these Instagram changes? I want real connections, rather than a whole bunch of 'double taps'!