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a raw and fragile heart is strength and golden light

Feeling raw in this life can be the hardest thing there is. But it's the only thing, for me. I don't want to - I will not live a watered down life, for anyone. I know now that I do not want to have to self-edit what I think / feel / or say, just to make someone else feel comfortable. Why oh why do I keep walking around trying to make people feel ok or comfortable, when my journey is about moving beyond the boundaries of comfort and ease.

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dewdrops - disconnection and connecting

A few things lately ❄️✨ I’m feeling a little disconnected somehow from being here. I know it’s me, and I know it’s because I want more - more depth than these squares allow. These are the beginning glimpse, but actually I want to delve further. I feel like sometimes in this space we’re standing outside talking and it’s very lovely - we’re chatting. But I want to go inside and know more, hear more, see more, feel more.

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