experiments for my exhibition - practicing just being

Here’s some of the colours I’ve been making lately, natural dye colours from my landscape in this Spring weather. Winter was wet, so the garden didn’t quite get going, and then early Spring has been mostly dry-ish. I’ve been dyeing a lot with loquat leaves, because they’re right there available, and also because they’re simply my favourite pink. Loquat pink is slightly more of an ‘earthy’ pink than avocado pink.

I thought I’d share a few experiments with the loquat leaves, and let you know what’s working for me to get the best pinks from the leaves, possible.

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of weaving my own path : a story of self-worth and realisation

I sat with this feeling of not knowing, and being wrong for only a short amount of time. I pulled my weaving back in front of me. With my selection of colours and yarns I told myself that the very first humans to ever weave and make cloth or fibre of any sort didn't have a teacher except their mother or father, and didn't have a book or a fancy workshop. They had their materials and their human innate understanding of maybe how something could work. They didn't know if it would work or not, but they kept on trying until it did. And they kept on listening to their own thoughts and intelligence. 

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