Crochet a day :: Hexie Blanket

I'm starting as I mean go on, this year.
Apologies for not being here for the past... months? So much to fill you in on, instead I'm just going forward. {You can find me most every day on Instagram - if you don't follow me there, you can watch along online here.}

On New Year's Eve I stayed home alone and started a crochet blanket. I aim to stitch hexies every week (I'm not committing myself to one everyday, but if I got 7 made in a week that would be good). This way I'll have a blanket or maybe even two ready hopefully for Winter cool. So far I have 33 hexies made. So I'm far ahead for day 10 of the new year. 

Compared to my crochet stones, with teeny tiny hook and thread, the larger hook and thicker yarn stitch up so quickly. I'm enjoying working on them bit by bit. Last night I stayed up late stitching away and piling up the stack of hexies. So far today I haven't touched the hook or yarn - except to move it from one shelf to another. 

The pattern is from the lovely Michelle of Poppy and Bliss. Check out her delightfully fun crochet projects and bright colours.

I'm aiming to make at least 80 - 100 hexies. They're all different sizes and the yarns are a combination of op-shopped and handspun wools that I've gathered from the local yarn shop and the environment centre. We'll see how I go with joining them together.... I think it'll be an "organic" finish, but that's ok. 

For me - this year. I'm working on the idea of do it rather than the perfection of waiting to be perfect at it. There's so many things I don't get started, let alone finished, as I feel I won't be good enough. This year - good enough is good enough (not in everything, but in my personal creative making).