Hi! I'm Ellie Beck.

  • I’m a textile artist, writer & creative maker, following my curiosity, love of imperfectionism & showing up so the muse finds me working.

  • Do you long to be joyful about your imperfect way of viewing the world? To connect your creative work with your ethos of caring for the Earth, while also doing things your own way? Breaking the rules, making your own rules! I work like that - let’s connect & share stories, knowing that we’re not alone with our wonky stitches, our messy work tables, our shelves full of nature gathered finds...
    {yes, I too have numerous sticks, leaves & rocks that I just had to bring home}.

  • Do you want to un-busy your days? Learning to use your hands, head & heart to connect to the stories you long to share with others.

  • I teach online & in-person workshops, showing the how-to of a process, but more importantly helping you transform ~ using fabric, yarn, thread, time, cake & possibility to discover the joy of nourishing your self through craft, art or creative work.

  • Let me guide you along a journey of noticing the everyday mundane beautiful moments in your life, to see that what you have here & now is truly enough, and that you are enough.

  • Yep craft & creativity can help with this - I know; it’s helped me and heaps of others I’ve worked with too.

I live in the rainforest, in Northern NSW, Australia.
& I do a lot of different things.

  • such as working with natural dyes & sustainable materials. I create works that are guided by my curiosity, instinct & interest in seeing where the process will take me. Sometimes I don’t end up at a conclusion, or made piece, but that’s ok, because the doing is a super important part of my creative work.

  • I’m a teacher - sharing my love, passion & skills through in-person workshops and online courses.

  • I’m a writer and author. I have a book coming out later this year, called Mindful Thoughts for Makers.
    I also write for magazines, which you can read about here.

  • I’m a ‘slow living’ advocate, in the sense that I think we should all un-busy our days as well as slow down our impact on the planet. I write quite a bit about this, and also share Conversations with Slow through my Patreon page.

  • I work with hand stitching, slow stitching, improv & fearless quilt making. And love making wonky, imperfect things connecting my hands, head & heart.

  • I have an immense passion for loom weaving, & find it’s a space to tell my stories, uncover the whispers in my soul, & hopefully inspire you to do the same.

  • I have a page of free resources here, which may interest you. Including my slow stitching videos and my crochet string bag pattern.

  • I'm a mama to three young creative souls. And I work alongside my creative artist husband, Sam.

I also feel deeply connected to nature, the forest & birds surrounding me while I go about my days. I actively live a life with ‘less’, consciously looking at what I consume, intentionally choosing to live with joy, stepping lightly on the planet.
I’m slowly getting better at understanding life, along a journey of learning, exploring, growing, and am likely to change my mind or viewpoint.