What would you do with an extra 600 hours a year? Craft of course!

The other night I had a dream that the internet didn’t exist anymore. At all. Nothing. Telephone yes, WWW nope! That meant no emails, no Instagram, no googling, no youtube. I woke up with a feeling of freedom and excitement – not fear or anxiety.

Anxiety you ask? I do run my business primarily from the internet. Without Instagram, a blog, emails, websites I wouldn’t be making the same income that I’m making now. So yes, no internet could sound a little scary.

But instead I was excited. What it meant was we all looked into our communities more, and made phone calls (you know those things you don’t have to do because of text message or email or DM). We spent time connecting with people in front of us, rather than people on a screen somewhere else.


So, rather than go the radical route of giving up the internet (because actually my family needs to eat), I’ve decided to create some change around how I use mainly social media, mostly Instagram.

It’s taken me a little while to admit that I’m more addicted to it that I’d like to be. That I was relying on it for certain things that it simply can’t give me – well not to the same degree that real people connections can. I think because it brings an income in I was justifying all the excess time spent ‘investing’ in social media.

So, here’s what I’m doing to curb my Insta-habit and be more mindful with my use of social media sharing & consuming:

  • I’ve moved the app from the front page of my phone to the last page – so I don’t see it automatically.
  • I’m setting myself boundaries – I’m only going to ‘scroll the grams’ 3 times a week, rather than every day. Haven’t set the days yet….. maybe Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday?
  • If I feel the itch to open the app I’ll do something else instead.
  • Giving myself a (mental) list of things to do instead of mindlessly scrolling.
  • I always have my slow stitch craft project sitting at home ready for easy access.
  • I’m going to blog more regularly (*perhaps*) and share here rather than on Instagram.
  • I plan on sharing a post on Instagram 3 times a week (at most), and connecting with my favourite accounts for half an hour only maximum. I’ll let you know how I go!

Did you know that the average adult spends more than 600 hours on social media a year and 1600 watching TV. If you’re an iphone user you can check the hours you spend on each app – in the last week I’ve spent 5hours on Instagram, 42mins on Pinterest (I’m not a big user there), and 4.2 hours on web surfing. I’d love to know your usage if you feel like sharing. {Go to ‘battery’ in settings to find your usage – great to check the kids’ as well. Though older iphones don’t have the feature}. This is actually a smaller number than I anticipated; I haven’t been online as much this past week as some weeks, due to sickness and a few other events. *Also, we don’t have a tv.

What would you do with your spare 600 hours or more if you gave up (or minimised) your social media or traditional media (tv) usage? Read 200 books a year? Take up a new hobby? Go visit some friends? Write a book – make a book? Build a garden? Play with your kids? Start meditating? Practice yoga? Learn to weave?

One thought on “What would you do with an extra 600 hours a year? Craft of course!

  1. Those numbers are really scary, how much of my life am I wasting? I will never get those hours back and while I know not all of my hours spent on my phone are wasted I think the majority probably are. No wonder I feel so time poor.
    Im not a moderater, I find just a little bit really hard. I’m an abstainer I just can’t have any lest I don’t stop. I’ve been gone from fb for years and Ive been falling out of love with IG lately too. Maybe I will leave there as well and actually do some of the things that I talk about wanting to do.
    Thanks for this post
    Cheers Kate

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