the beauty of tumbled leaves

In those times when I have an overwhelming list of things to do, the things that clears my mind best is stilling & slowing & simplifying….. playing with tumbled leaves, with fallen (or snipped) petals, gathered mushrooms, collected pebbles, or found sticks. All these things make me feel calm, centred, mindful, present. Turning off outside noise, ignoring incoming messages, shutting my phone and diary. And simply playing. PLAY IS THE BEST, don’t you think?

Firstly, I go for a walk, a meander, a wander, a wonder. In my forest, down to the creek, up to the dam, along the driveway, along a beach, along the road, in a field. Or sometimes I simply drift around little studio room and gathered up supplies, and things that I’ve collected on previous slow outings. Things that call to me to say come and play.

I want to remind you all that I have a 2yr old at home with me full time, but my husband also works from home. We tag team spending time with our little one (and the big ones when they’re not at school), with our own creative work practices. I ask (sometimes not so nicely) if I really *need* 20 minutes on my own. I think, if you have the chance, it’s vitally important to create pockets in your day without your children on you – at you. Give them something to play with beside, something quiet that they’ll love too. Sometimes that might only give you 2 minutes, but sometimes 2 minutes is like eternity if it’s all you get. When River is sleeping I’m trying to make sure I utilise that time for quiet doing jobs, and when he’s awake I do emails and such (which means mostly I’m writing & trying to think, while he’s noisily beside me. I mostly pretty good and writing an email and half-blocking out the crazy family noise, while still keeping an ear open for when I’m needed). So, I’m just reminding you that I have to actually carve out – create – this time that I need for myself.

I’d love to know what you do when you’re in need of some SLOW QUIET MEDITATIVE time. Please let me a comment here or even on Instagram.

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