little ways I ease the busy

‘busy’ – it’s a word I dislike, I don’t feel it achieves anything other than showing off…. ‘oh, I’m much too busy’ said in a super-important voice. I don’t like being busy, or even playing at being busy. I don’t like being ‘time-poor’ or filled up with things I don’t want to do. Yet lately … [Read more…]

what does guilt feel like?

I don’t ‘do’ guilt, I’ve never been interested in taking it on, and have spent a fair bit of my adult life trying to do away with it. Trying to breathe through any family guilt pushed upon me (some members of my extended family are quite good at the guilt trip – I’m not interested … [Read more…]

Spiced Almonds {a recipe}

These delicious spiced almonds are perfect to have as a snack in the cupboard, to take on a picnic or even as a treat to share at a party. They’re more-ish, ever-so-tasty and a whole lot of pretty. And really really easy. You’ll need: Almonds, or a mix of other nuts you like Organic cinnamon … [Read more…]