1. Amy

    I loved this post. My little Levi weaned while I was in Florida for a work trip, at about 23 months. I was engorged and swollen the whole trip, and gratefully nursed him in his sleep when I returned in the middle of the night. That was the last time, as after that he would ask and try but then just giggle as though it was suddenly a foreign activity. He still reaches down my shirt a lot, but we are all done. Now I just have to break him from the bottle!
    I hope River settles in to weaning for you. It’s a sweet slow process. I liked that quote/definition you provided.

  2. Ellie, I just finished a really excellent book called ‘Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives’, an examination of women’s health from the perspective of evolutionary medicine. That might sound a bit dry, but it was honestly one of the best books I’ve read – if you want to explore more about the toll of ‘maternal depletion’ and the way things (e.g. societal support) ‘should be’, I can highly recommend it! I’m 6 months pregnant with baby no. 3 and it feels important to work out how to look after myself better this time around…

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